I’m gonna miss this small city..Adelaide..

I’m gonna miss the clean and fresh air, the warm sun in the beautiful blue sky that can barely divided from the endless sea line..

I’m gonna miss waking up in the morning with the chirping sounds of birds flying around my window..as if they don’t care that I’m still craving for another minute or two of sleep..

I’m gonna miss my small room in this so called village..the view of the city and the lights of it at night.. beautiful!!

I’m gonna miss the shops!! Girls love to shop..I do too!! LOL

I’m gonna miss all the yummy food, the ice cream, the chocolate, the yoghurt, the cheese, the cakes, the cheesecakes!! All of those yummy stuffs that I cant ever get enough!! šŸ™‚

I’m gonna miss the places that are old and seems to be boring yet awesome and historical..I’m gonna miss Torrens river, Hahndorf, Windy Point, Glenelg beach, the Hills and the Valley..

I’m gonna miss my office in the uni, the library, the cafetaria where I always have my cup of chai latte before morning classes.. I’m gonna miss the uni bridge, the bus stop and the loop bus!!

I’m gonna miss my friends at home..my good housemate Hanieh from Iran..my office mates from all over the world..well not all of them..almost! I’m gonna miss my Indonesian friends that I have met here.. at the uni and at the church..I’m gonna miss all the sweet and good times we shared..the memory of them will always be with me..

Most of all, I’m gonna miss you..all of the places that I’ll miss..I’ve been there with you..all of the food that I’ll miss..I’ve shared them with you..I’ll even miss the yucky yoghurt that you love!! All of the memories in Adelaide reminds me of you..

Missing Adelaide will never be as equal as missing you..leaving Adelaide wont be as hard as leaving you..

I’m gonna miss Adelaide deep in my heart..but I’m gonna miss you full-heartedly!


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