Yeaayyy I Made it!!

I remember the day at the airport when I was taking my flight back to Indonesia on the very last day of July..I said to myself that I’ll be back again for graduation, Christmas and New Year. I had my doubts at that moment, things could just happen and change everything but somehow God helped me out with everything. The visa, the ticket and other stuff somehow just went smoothly.  So, long story short, I took  the flight to Adelaide on 12 of December and arrived next morning after a short transit in KL-Malaysia.

It’s been 17 days and I had so much fun and stories that I would like to keep..Oh I also have lots of pictures as proofs (lol). So, I’m gonna post some pictures and put captions on it so that I can always remember the stories behind those pictures. Here’s one…

The second day here I made Ravioli with tomato and mushroom sauce.

Sigit and I always love pasta especially ones with something in it like ravioli and tortellini. So here’s another picture of the pasta on the plate..ready to be eaten!!

Ravioli with tomato and mushroom sauce...yumm!


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